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Library-specific Questions

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General Questions

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Library-specific Questions

Do I need the Marker Bar Library?

Most users are in a hurry and want to find what they are looking for or to accomplish what they are doing as quickly as possible. A marker bar helps them do this by giving them a quick overview of the number of occurrences within a document and where the occurrences fall within the document. For example, with a quick glance at a marker bar, a user can tell that there are a handful of compile-time errors at the end of the file, or that there are hundreds of search results throughout the entire document. A marker bar can also give users an idea of the size of an occurrence. For example, a third of the file has changed since the last time it was committed. Also, by clicking on a marker, users can jump directly to an occurrence, saving them time and frustration. If you are a Java developer writing a Swing application that uses scroll bars, then you can most likely benefit from the Marker Bar Library.


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How large is the library?

The library is roughly 20 kilobytes.


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