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This Java class library allows software developers to add wizard dialogs to their applications. Although most commonly used for installations, wizards can step users through any difficult or critical task, such as the creation of a user account or the export of data. By default, the appearance and behavior of the wizards follow the guidelines set forth in the JavaTM Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics. Developers may customize their wizards by changing the colors, the fonts, the side panel, and the button layout. The library runs on the Java 1.4 (or greater) platform and uses the icons from the Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository, which is available here. For more information, see the FAQs, tutorial, and API.


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(Demo requires Java 1.4 Plug-in. Demo's source code is available here.)

Screen Shots:

Shot 1 A wizard prompting the user for text.

Shot 2 A wizard showing the progress of its execution while it is finishing.

Shot 3 A wizard showing a summary page after its execution finished.


Download an evaluation copy here. This version has full functionality but will expire in 30 days.

Binary Library:

$49 USD per developer. View the binary license here.

Source Code:

$499 USD per developer. View the source code license here.


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