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Marker Bar Library Features

The marker bar framework has the following features and capabilities:




Horizontal or vertical layout

Marker bars can by laid out horizontally or vertically depending on the needs of the application and on the reading direction of the locale.

Shot 1 A vertical marker bar.
Shot 2 A horizontal marker bar.

Markers of multiple colors

Markers can be individually customized, so a marker bar may contain different colored markers.

Shot 1 Two marker bars with different colored markers to indicate document differences.

Custom markers

It is easy to define custom markers and renderers. You can use any AWT or Swing component to render a marker. For example,

Shot 1 Markers drawn as circles.

Marker tooltips

Each marker can have a fully customizable tooltip.

Marker actions

You can assign actions to markers. A common practice is to jump to the designated location upon clicking a marker.

Easy integration

A handful of utility methods make it easy to integrate with JTextPane, JTextArea, JTable, and JList.

100% Java (cross-platform)

The library runs on any platform with Java 1.5 or greater.


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