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This Java library provides two Swing components, four layout managers, and a helper class that make it easy to add print preview to an application. With print preview, users can view multi-page documents by zooming in and out by arbitrary amounts, displaying all pages at once, or laying out pages in a grid. Developers can customize the components by changing the colors, the page selection model, the page number rendering, and the zoom behavior. It runs on the Java 1.4 (or greater) platform and uses the icons from the Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository, which is available here. For more information, see the FAQs, tutorial, and API.


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(Demo requires Java 1.4 Plug-in. Demo's source code is available here.)

Screen Shots:

Shot 1  A 76-page document on letter-sized paper fit in the window.

Shot 2  A 76-page document on letter-sized paper displayed one page at a time.

Shot 3  A 103-page document on various sizes of paper displayed in a 2 x 3 grid with page 12 selected.


Download an evaluation copy here. This version has full functionality but will expire in 30 days.

Binary Library:

$49 USD per developer. View the binary license here.

Source Code:

$499 USD per developer. View the source code license here.


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