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Frequently Asked Questions – Persistence Library

Library-specific Questions

Ordering Questions

  • See the general FAQs.

General Questions

  • See the general FAQs.


Library-specific Questions

Do I need the Persistence Library?

Most applications need persistence. They store domain objects in a file or database and access them in later runs. The Persistence Library transparently folds database activity into your application, allowing you to concentrate on the business logic.


You can benefit from the Persistence Library if you


  • Tend to write read and write methods in your classes,
  • Need a random access file that stores objects,
  • Often forget to update a file when your objects change, or
  • Seek an inexpensive, easy-to-use OODB library for Java.


For more detailed information, check out the package summary and tutorial.


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How large is the library?

The library is approximately 85 kilobytes.


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How does it work?

The library uses proxy objects. When you add an object to the database, you are returned a wrapper object that implements the same interfaces as the original object. This wrapper intercepts all method invocations and uses a method’s read-only status to determine if the receiver changes. If it does, the database is automatically updated.


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How does it differ from other database libraries?

Most other database libraries act as a front end to an existing SQL database, and you must construct accessory XML files that state that member variable x is saved in column y of table z, for instance. The Persistence Library, on the other hand, includes an object-oriented database, so it is a simpler alternative if you do not have to use a relational database. There is no relational database, no need for object-relational mappings, no extra XML files, and no query language to master. In addition, since the library uses Java serialization, versioning is handled automatically. Furthermore, the Persistence Library is extremely lightweight, weighing in at less than 100 kilobytes.


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