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Frequently Asked Questions Dated Collections

Library-specific Questions

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  • See the general FAQs.

General Questions

  • See the general FAQs.


Library-specific Questions

Do I need the Dated Collections Library?

Most computer applications solve real-world problems. Since dates and time are intrinsic to the real world, an application that ignores time is limiting its potential. Most applications can benefit from using time. If it makes sense in your application, say, to graph a value over time or to generate a report at a previous date, then you can benefit from the Dated Collections Library. This library will not automatically add time to your application, but it will give you efficient data structures that are based on time, making it easier to incorporate time into your application. By substituting dated collections for static, non-dated collections, your objects become dynamic with respect to time. You still have the responsibility to update the user interface accordingly.


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How large is the library?

The library is roughly 200 kilobytes.


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