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Wizard Library 1.6

Package sos.wizard

Provides classes and interfaces for wizard dialogs.


Interface Summary
DefaultWizardModel.Transition An action to carry out when the wizard leaves or returns to a page.
Model A generic Java Bean interface for objects that notify listeners when a change occurs.
Page A page in the wizard progression.
PageEditor An object that controls the editing of a page.
ProgressListener An object that gets notified when a task's progress has changed.
Task A Runnable object that can consist of any number of sub-tasks, can notify listeners of its progress, and can be paused, resumed, and interrupted.
WizardModel The model that controls the pages and steps in a wizard.

Class Summary
AbstractModel An abstract implementation of Model that handles the registration and notification of property change listeners.
AbstractPage A partial implementation of the Page interface.
AbstractPageEditor A partial implementation of the PageEditor interface.
AbstractTask A partial implementation of the Task interface.
AbstractWizardModel A partial implementation of the WizardModel interface.
AccessibleWizardRole An extension of javax.accessibility.AccessibleRole that defines roles for wizards.
BasicWizardUI A basic implementation of the wizard look and feel.
DefaultWizardModel A general-purpose wizard model that can handle both static (unconditional) and dynamic (conditional) pages.
DefaultWizardModel.TransitionAdapter A convenience class that implements the Transition interface with empty methods.
JWizard A visual component that takes the user through a sequence of pages.
OptionPage A generic page that contains a message.
OptionPageEditor An editor of an OptionPage.
ProgressEvent An event that indicates that the progress of an ongoing task has changed.
ProgressPage A page that shows the progress of an underlying task.
ProgressPageEditor An editor of a ProgressPage.
WizardUI The JWizard pluggable look and feel delegate.

Exception Summary
InvalidPageException Exception thrown when a page's data is invalid.

Package sos.wizard Description

Provides classes and interfaces for wizard dialogs. A wizard dialog is a sequence of pages that step the user through a difficult or crucial task.

Developers wishing to add a wizard to their applications need to do three things:

  1. Create a wizard model. DefaultWizardModel makes it easier to create both static and dynamic page sequences.

  2. Create the JWizard component.

  3. Show the wizard with a call to JWizard.showDialog.

The library allows extensive customization of the wizard component. For more information, see the Wizards Tutorial.

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Wizard Library 1.6

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