Package sos.reports

Provides classes and interfaces to display and edit objects in a report.


Interface Summary
BreakWeightRecorder A mechanism to record where an object prefers to be broken.
CellElement A portion of a report representing a rectangular region inside a table.
Element A hierarchical portion of a report.
ElementEditor An object that controls the editing of a report element.
ElementRenderer An object that controls the rendering of a report element.
Fill A specification that allows solid, transparent, multi-colored, and gradient painting of lines and backgrounds.
JReportPane.HeaderFooterFactory An object that specifies page headers and footers.
ObjectElement A report element representing an object.
Report A hierarchy of styled information grouped together to form a report.
ReportEditorKit An object that controls how a report is edited and manipulated.
ReportEditorModel The interface to editing report elements.
ReportEvent An indication that a report has changed.
ReportEvent.ElementChange The details of how a report element changed.
ReportListener An object--when registered with a report--that gets notified when the report changes.
ReportSelectionListener An object--when registered with the selection model--that gets notified when the report selection changes.
ReportSelectionModel The interface to selecting report elements.
ReportTableModel An extension of the javax.swing.table.TableModel interface that returns prototype values and style names.
ReportTemplate A named template that can generate reports and recommend themes.
TableElement A portion of a report organized into rows and columns.
TableFormat An object that controls the formatting of report tables.
TextHighlighter An object that specifies report text highlighting.
Theme A named style repository.
TierElement A portion of a report representing a row or column in a table.
TraversalPolicy An object that specifies the order in which report elements should be visited.
View An object that can size and display a portion of a report.
ViewFactory An object that creates Views given a Element.

Class Summary
AbstractReport A partial implementation of the Report interface.
AbstractReportEditorModel A partial implementation of ReportEditorModel.
AbstractReportSelectionModel A partial implementation of ReportSelectionModel that handles the registering, unregistering, and notification of listeners.
AbstractReportTableModel A partial implementation of ReportTableModel.
AbstractReportTemplate A partial implementation of the ReportTemplate interface.
AbstractView A partial implementation of View.
AccessibleReportRole An extension of javax.accessibility.AccessibleRole that defines roles for reports.
ArrayBreakWeightRecorder An implementation of BreakWeightRecorder that uses an array to record weights.
BasicReportPaneUI A basic implementation of the report pane look and feel.
CellReportSelectionModel A selection model for table cells and cell contents.
CompositeReportSelectionModel A report selection model that combines a number of selection models into one.
DefaultElementEditor An element editor that can adapt a JComboBox, JTextField, or a JCheckBox to be an editor.
DefaultFill A default implementation of Fill.
DefaultReportEditorKit A report editor kit that provides basic functionality.
DefaultReportEditorKit.DefaultViewFactory A default view factory that creates views of instances of TableElement and ObjectElement.
DefaultReportEditorKit.ErrorFeedbackAction An action that provides error feedback, such as a beep.
DefaultReportEditorKit.ReportEditorKitAction A report action that provides convenience methods for providing error feedback, selecting elements, and scrolling.
DefaultReportEditorModel A report editor model in which editors are associated with classes.
DefaultReportEvent An implementation of ReportEvent.
DefaultReportEvent.DefaultElementChange An implementation of ReportEvent.ElementChange.
DefaultTableFormat An implementation of TableFormat that allows clients to define attributes for the table, rows, columns, and cells, based on whether an element is in the header, body, or footer.
DefaultTextHighlighter A default implementation of TextHighlighter that uses a hash map to associate lists of text highlights to report elements.
DefaultTheme An implementation of Theme that delegates to an underlying instance of javax.swing.text.StyleContext.
JReportPane A report renderer and editor.
ReportAction A common superclass of report actions that allows actions to be shared across report panes and provides a mechanism to fetch the pertinent report pane.
ReportPaneUI The JReportPane pluggable look and feel delegate.
ReportSelectionEvent A change made to a report's selection model.
ReportStyleConstants A collection of report attributes keys beyond those defined by javax.swing.text.StyleConstants.
ReportStyleConstants.ObjectConstants A typesafe enumeration of attributes that contribute to the visualization of an object.
ReportStyleConstants.TableConstants A typesafe enumeration of attributes that contribute to the visualization of a table.
TableFormatAdapter A table format that returns empty attribute sets for all methods.
TableFormats A factory class for creating various table formats.
TableReportTemplate A report template that creates a report from an Object[], java.util.List, javax.swing.ListModel, Object[][], java.util.Map, javax.swing.text.TableModel, or ReportTableModel.
TemplateReportEditorModel A report editor model that bases the editor model on the name of the report template.
TemplateReportSelectionModel A report selection model that bases the selection model on the name of the report template.
TierReportEditorModel A report editor model that uses editors that are registered with the row or column in which the element resides.
TierReportSelectionModel A selection model for rows and columns.
View.ResizeRequest A way to indicate that a view's minimum and preferred lengths have possibly changed.

Exception Summary
InvalidBreakPosition A position at which a report element view cannot break.
NotSelectableException An inability to select one of more report elements.

Package sos.reports Description

Provides classes and interfaces to display and edit objects in a report. Since reports are based on high-level objects, rather than low-level text, they not only fit more naturally with the client's domain model but also enable greater formatting flexibility. This package provides a Swing component, JReportPane, that displays instances of Report.

For a more detailed overview, see the Report Library Tutorial.

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