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Marker Bar Library 1.0

Package sos.marker

Provides a Swing marker bar for a Java application.


Interface Summary
Marker An object with a start and end percentage rendered on a marker bar.
MarkerRenderer An object that draws markers on a marker bar.

Class Summary
BasicMarkerBarUI A basic implementation of the marker bar look and feel.
DefaultMarker A default implementation of the Marker interface that stores the start percentage, end percentage, and short description in fields.
DefaultMarkerRenderer An object that renders a marker by drawing a colored rectangle over the marker's region.
DefaultMarkerRenderer.UIResource A subclass of DefaultMarkerRenderer that implements UIResource.
JMarkerBar A Swing component that draws a stripe of markers, often used next to a scroll bar to mark locations of errors, bookmarks, or search results.
MarkerBarUI The JMarkerBar pluggable look-and-feel UI delegate.
Utility A collection of utility methods that aid in converting Swing component locations to marker locations.

Package sos.marker Description

Provides a Swing marker bar for a Java application. A marker bar is a stripe containing markers that indicate where objects fall within a document.

Developers wishing to add a marker bar to their applications need to do three things.

  1. Define a javax.swing.ListModel of Marker objects. Each Marker states its percentage along the marker bar (e.g. 0.25 to 0.29).
  2. Instantiate a JMarkerBar, passing it the ListModel, and add it to the window.
  3. Register an action listener with the marker bar to define what happens when the user clicks on a marker.
For more information, see the Marker Bar Tutorial.

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Marker Bar Library 1.0

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