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Uses of Interface

Uses of Database in sos.db

Classes in sos.db that implement Database
 class AbstractDatabase
          A partial implementation of a database.
 class AbstractSerializationDatabase
          A partial implementation of a serialization-based database.
 class FileDatabase
          A persistent database that stores objects in a random-access file.
 class InMemoryDatabase
          A non-persistent database that stores objects in memory.

Methods in sos.db that return Database
 Database TransactionSupport.getDatabase()
          Returns the database for which this transaction is occurring.

Methods in sos.db with parameters of type Database
 void AbstractTransactionPolicy.unregisterObjects(Database database, java.util.Set<java.lang.Object> oldKeys)
 void TransactionPolicy.unregisterObjects(Database db, java.util.Set<java.lang.Object> oldKeys)
          Notifies this policy that objects have been removed from the database.

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